Full Developmental Edit

An in depth story structure edit which includes commentaries throughout the manuscript and a 4 to 12 pages editorial letter. The letter includes feedback on theme, general structure, pace, development of plot and characters; dialogue and point of view if necessary. You will know what works, what doesn’t and why.

Rate is $3 per 1,000 words. Average read 10-14 days.

Beta Edit

You can choose between a quick developmental edit that includes a 2 to 4 pages editorial letter with a detailed review of up to 2 of the following aspects: theme, character, plot development, point of view, pace, or structure. Or a two pages editorial letter with a general critique of your story.

Rate is $1 per 1,000 words. Average read 5-7 days.

I prefer Sci-Fi and Fantasy, but also enjoy working on other commercial fiction genres.

Having used Natalia’s development editorial services, I can highly recommend her work. Natalia’s comprehensive insight and recommendations relating to characterization, pace, continuity of story and much more, enabled me to take my new trilogy to a whole new level.

Declan Conner
The Prepper's Son Trilogy (Post Apocalyptic - Dystopian)

Natalia is a joy to work with. She immediately understands the heart of the story, and the nuances of the characters. Her penchant for spotting details really helps in crafting an effective story that caters to reader’s expectations. Two thumbs up.

John Triptych
Visitor (Hard Science Fiction)

Natalia’s developmental edit was specific and detailed. I’ve had many, many edits over the years and I could tell she put a lot of hours into the read and edit. Her advice was well thought out and spot on. Although she made me work, haha, the book is way better after following her suggestions. I’d recommend her work to anyone and will be sending my next book to her for sure.

Callie Berkham
From Condos to Castles: A Medieval Time Travel Romance

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